Amtrak Wi-Fi Gets Better Speeds and Connectivity

20 May 2013
Amtrak Wi-Fi Gets Better Speeds and Connectivity Image Courtesy of Amtrak

4G upgrade improves performance and passenger experience WASHINGTON – Amtrak has upgraded its AmtrakConnect cellular-based Wi-Fi service to take advantage of 4G technologies that are improving performance and enhancing the passenger experience.

The 4G upgrade is already complete on Acela Express and the California-supported Capitol Corridor, Pacific Surfliner, and San Joaquinservices, and will be rolled out to all remaining Wi-Fi equipped Amtrak trains by late summer, including the Northeast Regional.“We continue to place a strong focus on improving customer satisfaction, and this upgrade is delivering the improved speeds and connectivity required to maintain a competitive edge,” said Deborah Stone-Wulf, Amtrak Chief, Sales Distribution and Customer Service. 

Passengers Noticed Positive Improvements 

Acela passengers have already been noticing a positive improvement in performance and have been commenting publically through social media. Stone-Wulf explained that AmtrakConnect continues to be provided at no additional cost, s available on trains that serve 75 percent of Amtrak passengers, and routinely supports between 30 and 50 percent of passengers on a given train. 

While cellular upgrades to 4G are improving the service, the onboard demand for data continues to grow. To maximize the Wi-Fi experience for passengers, data-heavy activities that can slow everyone down, such as streaming video and music, and file downloads larger than 10MB, will continue to be restricted. This will ensure high-volume data users onboard the train are not able to degrade the Internet experience for others. 

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